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Ian - Events + Caps "The sun also rises"

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Noua imagine promotionala + Candids

++ 20 photos HQ cu Nina in Beverly Hills :

Un nou film cu Nina: Perks of being a wallflower

Nina joaca alaturi de Emma Watson (Harry Potter) si Kate Walsh (Grey’s anatomy).

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Ian si Nina - Vanity Fair Cocktail

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"As I lay dying" Promo

Song list "The sun also rises"

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Birdy “Skinny Love” (Bon Iver cover)

Watch the official video for “Skinny Love” by Birdy

Various interviews with Sara Canning

The Last Day ended with some rather huge cliffhangers, with the answers to be answered in last night’s episode, The Sun Also Rises. While North America has seen the episode, it hasn’t aired yet in the rest of the world, so we want to be a bit careful with posting interviews. We don’t want to accidentally spoil things for international fans, so we’re going to post links to interviews with the heavy warning that you will be spoiled for The Sun Also Rises. We also advise you not to read the comments on this post, as there are likely to be spoilers there, too.

Joseph Morgan on the Salvatores: “At worst, they’re a nuisance to [Klaus].”

Collider has yet another interview with Joseph Morgan, who discusses Klaus’s read on the Salvatore brothers (and Katherine), what he’d like to see of Klaus in Season 3, and being the newbie on set. He also mentions a few TV shows and films he’s enjoyed in the past few years (and what they have in common), and talks a bit about working with Tarsem Singh (if you haven’t seen The Fall yet, remedy that immediately) and Mickey Rourke on the upcoming film Immortals.

What do you think Klaus thinks of the Salvatore brothers? Does he feel that one is more of a thorn in his side than the other?

MORGAN: Maybe. Damon he just thinks is a loose canon. These guys are 160 years old, and he’s been around for probably 10 times that. At worst, they’re a nuisance to him. I don’t think he really sees either of them as a serious threat. Stefan (Paul Wesley) is more predictable for him because he’s in love with Elena (Nina Dobrev) in a way that is honorable. He can predict what Stefan will do and can manipulate that. Damon is a little more difficult because he is so unstacked. He doesn’t seem to value his own life very much, so he will turn up and say, “I killed your witch, and you can kill me if you want,” and just see what happens. That is probably a little more of a nuisance to Klaus, and also a little more impacting as well. He really puts himself out there and Klaus definitely has a fascination with that. I think there is also a fascination with Katherine because of that.


Webclip "As I lay dying" 2x22

Nina Dobrev & Julie Plec talk Vampire Diaries Season 2 finale

PopWrap‘s Jarett Wieselman has an in-depth discussion with Nina Dobrev on the end of Vampire Diaries Season 2 and the tragedies that have unfolded already in last week’s episode, The Sun Also Rises, and whether more is to follow during Thursday night’s season finale, As I Lay Dying. Nina looks back on Season 2, goes more in-depth into why playing both Elena and Katherine can take a toll, and her wishes for Elena in Season 3.

PopWrap: Will this finale set up the events of season three the way “Founder’s Day” set up season two?
Nina Dobrev: It does. There’s not just one – there’s two or three kind of big twists that change the course of everyone’s lives, and they’re unexpected. It affects Damon & Elena hugely. It effects Stefan more than anyone would have imagined. Jeremy’s life is just completely turned around, and almost confusing – you’ll see why soon enough. But it initiates these storylines that will flourish in season three.


And TV Guide‘s Robyn Ross chats with Julie Plec about the aftermath of The Sun Also Rises and what fans can expect in As I Lay Dying:

The penultimate episode was epic, how can the finale compare?
Plec: The last episode was clearly the season finale of our mythology storyline. We went all out and that was as deliberate choice knowing that the story we wanted to tell in our season finale is actually the emotional resolution of the season. We also want to really give the audience a window to where we’re going in Season 3, a taste of what the series is going to be like as we move forward.